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Backstage At the 67th Prime Time Emmys

The “Game of Thrones” cast celebrate their win backstage at the 67th Prime Time Emmys.

Andy Samberg’s hilarious video segment that simultaneously parodied musical theater, the ridiculous amount of “wives” based reality shows, and the overwhelming amount of exceptional programming provided a much welcomed blast of refreshment during the kick-off of the 67th Prime Time Emmy Awards Sunday September 20th. Even the air conditioners straining under the oppressive heat in the unusually subdued pressroom before the show kicked off with Allison Janney’s second consecutive win for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series for “Mom.” Janney entered the press room with friend and fellow Emmy winner Julia Louise Dreyfus who won for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series for her work on “Veep.”

Janney stated winning the award meant a lot to her because the series is a collaborative effort from the table read on. Dreyfus, slightly blindsided by some pointed questions about gay marriage rights, stated her character would find a clever way to avoid answering such questions, a witty answer that side-stepped politics and kept the mood light and jovial.

Celebrating her win for Outstanding Directing for a Comedy Series for “Transparent,” Jill Solloway shared her exuberance that a show dedicated to the transgender community not only received award recognition, but was loved and embraced by the public.

“Straight white men have had access to this career for far too long,” said Solloway, regarding her female directing win. “I’m directing material that speaks to how I see the world.”

Best Actor for a Comedy Series Jeffrey Tambor mirrored Solloway’s sentiment when it came to shedding light on issues affecting the transgender community. Paraphrasing his comments made during his acceptance speech, Tambor said “When I took on this project I knew lives are at stake, so I knew I had to do this right.”

Despite Andy Samberg joke that “books were dead” “Olive Kittredge” added to HBO’s 43 Emmy wins this year. The series, based on a collection of short stories, received six primetime Emmy wins leaving his comment about books a deflated joke. Speaking on behalf of the Outstanding Limited Series cast, Outstanding Lead Actress in Limited Series or Movie winner Francis McDormand stated the new miniseries only explored “four out of a collection of short stories. I want to go back and do more.”

After winning the award for Outstanding Variety Sketch Comedy Series for “Inside Amy Schumer,” creator Amy Schumer credited her success to the female influences surrounding her.

“I’ve always had the support of other woman whether they are best friends or other female comics. I’m always around a group of strong supportive women,” said Schumer.

Surprised by her win in the Outstanding Supporting Actress for a Limited Series or a Miniseries category, Regina King reported, “I’m so excited I want to swear. I want to say ‘Hell yeah!’”

Despite a win that was expected for Best Actress in a Drama Series, actress Viola Davis was incredibly humbled and gracious. She thanked “How to Get Away with Murder” creator Shonda Rhimes for “redefining what it means to be beautiful” as well as informing the audience “the only thing that separates women of color from anyone else is opportunity.” Backstage Davis stated she “felt really good” and was glad to have a moment to celebrate the work before looking ahead to her next challenge.

“My story doesn’t end here. There are many narratives that need to be seen and felt,” said Davis.

Leading into the last few awards of the evening actor Tracy Morgan made a special appearance on the stage. The actor, nearly killed in a fatal car accident, reminded the audience to keep the faith and keep positive. The evening concluded with two wins many felt were long overdue – a Best Actor win for “Mad Men’s” Jon Hamm and Best Drama win for “Game of Thrones.”

Backstage, Hamm admitted people always want to “talk about ‘Mad Men’ with me. I always enjoy it – it is the most obvious expression of being involved and invested.”

Showrunner David Benioff credited they’re fantastic cast and crew for the “Game of Thrones” win. As the show has expanded in scope, production value and casting, every person involved is crucial to elevating the show.

“TV is a team sport,” said Benioff. “And we work with the best people in the business.”

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