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“Dogs & Me” – An Interview With Web Series Creator Matt Rocklin

L.A. Web Series Festival

By Kaitlyn Ward

Matt Rocklin is an award winning filmmaker from Chicago, Illinois and the creator of the acclaimed web series, “Dogs & Me.”  Every pet owner understands that having a curiosity for what your pet is thinking is common.  Rocklin certainly has captured an entertaining way to bring his pet’s thoughts to life.

“Dogs & Me” was developed when Rocklin realized he had forgotten to purchase a Mother’s Day gift for his mom.  After asking her what she wanted, she told him “to do something with his talents.”  Rocklin made her a video where his dogs complain about how much time he spends talking on the phone to his mother.  Close friend, Miguel Amodio watched the video and suggested turning it into a web series.  Thus, “Dogs & Me” was born.

Season 1 of “Dogs & Me” depicts Matt, a young Hollywood actor who is struggling to catch his big break as well as find a girlfriend.   His two talking dogs, Jerry & Scarlet, are always there for him, giving him their advice on everything.  Matt is enamored over Megan, a girl who lives in his building.  Megan, however, has multiple prospects on her mind.  Megan introduces Matt to her sorority sister, Laura.  The dogs promptly inform Matt that Laura has a nose picking problem and that’s it for Matt. Then we meet Matt’s strange neighbor, Fred, who brings Matt homemade muffins and gives him a smooch.  Matt is puzzled.  Matt takes the dogs for a walk when he meets Stacey who seems super cute at first, but when Matt tries to shake her hand and she realizes he his holding his dogs’ poop bags, Stacey goes crazy while Matt, Jerry and Scarlet flee the park.  Heading home to relax after a long day, Matt is just about to chill when his new friend, Chris, frantically pounds down his door claiming he killed his wife.   Matt realizes it’s a prank and chokes Chris; meanwhile Scarlet eats Matt’s leftover marijuana cigarette, and it is time for a vet visit.

Season 2 will be an exciting one with Matt finally finding a girlfriend.  This, however, is new territory, not only for Matt, but for Jerry and Scarlet as well.  The dogs don’t know how to share Matt, and Matt doesn’t know how to share himself.  New challenges arise in this season as this season will help the series turn into a more family oriented show.

As many filmmakers know working with dogs on set can be tricky.  Rocklin informs us that his pups are like “spoiled stars.” Once the camera is on them, they know it and give you their complete attention.  They enjoy the fame, recognizing they play an integral role in “Dogs & Me.”

“Dogs & Me” has received numerous recognitions at many film festivals including: LA Web Series Festival (2013) Winner- “Outstanding Writing Comedy Series” and “Outstanding Comedy Series,”  as well as, Sunset Film Festival (2013) Winner- “Best Web Series,” Chicago Comedy Film Festival (2013) Winner- “Best Web Series” Audience Choice, Wet Your Pants Comedy Film Festival (2013) Official Selection, Albuquerque Film & Media Experience (2013) Official Selection and LA Comedy Fest (2013) Official Selection.

Through creating “Dogs & Me,” Rocklin has learned the importance of creating one’s own content.  “It’s important to remember to go back to roots as a filmmaker,” said Rocklin.  “Dogs & Me” has an extremely small crew and everyone wears multiple hats, especially Rocklin who is not only the creator, writer and lead actor, but also the producer, director and editor.

“You want everyone to like your story and you want people to laugh at talking dogs, particularly kids, while still maintaining that adult edge,” said Rocklin.

“I’ve learned that people want to laugh and are happy to escape their everyday life.  I hope to give people that and make their day a little brighter,” stated Rocklin.

Looking to the future, Rocklin’s hopes are to continue growing the web series fan base through social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter and reaching a wider demographic with the ultimate goal of having “Dogs & Me” appear on network television.

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